The Digital Journey

the-digital-journey-768x774Digital ℞™

Top level digital assessment to identify the urgent and/or priority tactics that will get a company in position to become digitally fit.

Digital Foundation

This is the taking of the prescription. It mostly consists of one-time tactics. The idea here is to build a strong digital foundation from which campaigns can be launched from.

Digital Discovery

At this phase, the prescription has been given and taken. “The patient is well.” Now it’s time to get fit. Digitally fit, that is. Digital Discovery is a much deeper analysis of the business. We identify the company’s purpose and strategize how best to convey the purpose in a truly impactful way.

Digital Holistic

At this phase, we are ready for Holistic Marketing Management. We know why the business exists, what the messaging and value propositions are, we know the audience and the channels they are on. Now, we manage engagement. We get the response that is deserved.

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